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2 months to D-Day

That’s 2 months till I’m back at work.


Most people just tell me not to worry about it and enjoy the time I have left.  But how can I do that when the date is looming nearer and nearer…like a dreaded dentist appointment (but worse still)?  Will I get over the guilt of leaving him in the first place?  How will I get through the days (Monday to Friday) missing him?  Will I finally accept that I’m leaving him with the MIL?  What happens when I bring work home – will that take away from my time with him, or will I have to work into the wee hours?  How will I have time to DO everything?


These are just some of my many concerns…and while the worrying does me no good in the first place, I can’t help but juggle all these questions constantly.


On the other hand I hear that the company of adults will be a welcome change and that it will be nice for me to have some time away from the house.  But will I miss any big moments, as in his first steps or words?


I’m sure everything will work out somehow, but it won’t necessarily be easy.  I’m not the first to go through this and I surely won’t be the last.  Somehow that fact isn’t comforting though…


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