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Here’s another tidbit that you ladies may appreciate.  (Unless you have the perfect man, that is…)

Men are definitely from Mars or some other planet entirely.  Heck, for all I know they may be an entirely different species.  Funnily enough, boys and girls all start the same way, but something happens between birth and oh, age 30, that seems to only accentuate how different the genders are.

Here are some of my queries on the matter:

Are all men disorganized?  Forgetful? Persistently late?

Do all men have no cares in the world?

Are they all procrastinators?

Is it true that men deep down are simply look for a wife to replace their own mothers…women who will cook, do laundry, ask them how their day was, pack their lunches and remind them to take their wallets and keys as they leave home in the morning? Or is this only a problem with European men?

Is the real problem with men that they are enabled too much?  Particularly by their mothers?

I certainly have no answers to any of the above-mentioned questions, nor do I know whether I’ll ever have any answers.

I have come up with one theory so far though:  somewhere along the lines men are instructed to behave as though they are completely incapable of doing anything on their own by asking too many questions, or just half-assing a particular duty, in order so that women become so frustrated that they just throw their hands in the air, and say “Fine, I’ll just do it myself!”

To all you ladies out there, feel free to share your observations, or experiences…it would be nice to know that I’m not alone in dealing with these things…uggh!




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Elder Advice

I won’t name names but for those who know me, you’ll know exactly who I’m talking about.

Here’s my beef:  Why is it that when you have a child, as happy as everyone is for you, certain people soon forget that this is an exciting time for you as you venture into parenthood and assume that you need to be told how to do everything?  (At this point I’d like to clarify that there’s a BIG difference between being given some helpful suggestions, that sound something like you could try this or that, versus being told “you should,” or “all you need to do is…”

Now, I’m no stranger to children because there’s a big gap in age between my siblings and me.  But somehow that fact is completely ignored as well.  Nevertheless I’m becoming very tired, very quickly of being told what to do and what not to do when it comes to my son.  I realize that I do not have the same experience as mothers with grown children, but I do know best when it comes to my own son.  And why is that so difficult to understand?  I know his cues better than anyone else.  (I acknowledge that I’m not perfect, and that I may make mistakes along the way, but as another friend of mine put it, it is now my time to parent, and my time to make those mistakes, just as our own parents did.)

At what point will the telling stop?  Or will it ever stop?  Do I just have to learn to let everything slide, or will the elders in question learn to adapt? (Who am I kidding, right?)

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The Change

Hormones are out of whack.  Some days are good, and some days are not so good.  Body isn’t what it used to be and it’s doing some funny things.



I’m not talking about menopause here…



I’m talking about the body after a baby!



So here’s what I’ve noticed…(don’t worry I won’t get into the real nitty gritty)

– tummy still isn’t pre-baby tummy (not that I had a washboard or anything)

– hair is growing with full force (not on my head)

– the girls aren’t the same (they need to be coerced and coaxed more, like “Please sit pretty in this bra for just a few hours”)

– bladder doesn’t function as well (try sneezing)

– cramps are worse than before baby and more frequent

etc. etc.

Now why aren’t we told about these changes before baby? And what happens if there’s another baby?  Do the above-mentioned conditions only worsen?  More importantly, will the girls ever be the same?

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