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Don’t get me wrong…I love being home with Julian BUT I’m tired of the same things every day. Or maybe I’m bored. Or maybe I’m….I’m….just stuck.  (Is that even fair to say?)

Let me clarify a little (because I’m already feeling a little guilty for what I’ve just admitted).  I’m tired/bored of/with:

– sterilizing bottles everyday

– preparing formula everyday

– feeling exhausted (almost) everyday

– dealing with the ‘what am I going to do today?’ everyday

– trying to figure out quick, easy, and no fuss ways to lose the baby weight EVERYday

– looking forward to Mike coming home from work because I can tell him all about my eventful day and then sometimes it doesn’t really help to share with him how my day went most days

not getting a proper break most days

 etc. etc.

Now I do have fun with Julian almost EVERY day (unless he’s really having a bad day), but that’s not the topic of this particular post.  I realize that this “stuck” feeling may have a lot to do with fatigue and hormones, etc., but until I start getting a full night’s sleep every night and until the day where my hormones don’t run amuck will I continue to feel this way?


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Julian is now approaching the 5 month mark.  I can’t believe it!

I just bought him his halloween costume, or shall I say, costumes (couldn’t decide between the monkey or tiger) and his first Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

We’ve also just booked our first family vacation which is only six weeks away.  Already I’ve begun fretting about the trip with him.  How will he be on the plane? What if he screams the whole flight?  What if he gets sick?  What if I don’t take everything I need for him? How can I best prepare him for the vacation? …..and so on, and so on…

Given that every day is still unpredictable with him (as far as his napping and moods are concerned), I thought it might be a good idea to try to get Julian into some sort of routine.  So I’ve done a little reading with respect to getting him into a sleep pattern.  Thus far, I’ve tried to implement a couple of things like putting him down to nap in the crib with him still awake and encouraging him to use a blankie or stuffed toy to soothe himself.  That said, I still allow him to use the soother.  I haven’t been at it for long, nevertheless it still feels as if I haven’t made any progress whatsoever.  Sometimes he goes down to sleep without a fight, but more often than not, I end up having to stroke his hair or put his soother back in his mouth, etc.

If anyone has any good suggestions to help…I’m all ears!

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